before i fall

Hi! I'm Samantha! 18 year old! Im a very energetic girl and I'm very easy to befriend! Just send me a messege, even if we've never talked and you just want someone to talk to! I'll give advice or just listen if you'd like. I never judge and I'm always here. I promise I won't bite! Hope you enjoy my blog!


Once Upon a Time Season 2 Official Cast;
Julian Morris as Prince Phillip + Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty


(In the first image, red line= adoptive parent)

That’s the show. You’re all caught up now.

Regardless of who you ship on Once Upon a Time..


 I think there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Zelena…


Anyone who ships anything on OUAT (via rumplesassmaster)



The 4 power couples in Once Upon A Time

"She’s finally starting to see me for the man I am"

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Josh and Ginny, are we gonna see the Charming’s ever in protective parent mode if, hypothetically, Emma starts looking at Hook the wrong way?

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Reblog if you have an unhealthy obsession with Once Upon A Time

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…just call me Hook.

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